We are licensed and accredited establishments, located in three convenient locations in Calgary. We provide home-like settings and a safe and comfortable environment that make our centres the perfect place for children to play, laugh, grow, and discover..

Albert Park Daycare Centre

This is our most personal centre. It has a maximum of 60 children from 12 months to 12 years of age. Children get to know our long-term staff and friends. This is a perfect, home-like setting where your child will receive maximum attention and have fun every day!

Radisson Heights Daycare Centre

We have provided excellent service at this location since 1982. It is a large center where your child will practice social skills and celebrate many cultures. This location accepts infants from two months old, up to the age of 12, providing a long-term, familiar environment for your child to grow in.

Tiny Tykes Daycare Centre

Located in the heart of downtown, this centre allows children to reap the benefits of city life. Staff take walks through nearby Prince’s Island Park and have children help them welcome guests to the neighbourhood retirement home. This location offers services for children aged two months to 7 years..